Enlightenment Beers

Our Current Beers:


Beer #1 – Enlightenment Brut:
Enlightenment Brut is an American bière de champagne brewed in the style of a Belgian strong golden ale and conditioned using the traditional méthode champenoise. An extended warm fermentation using multiple yeast strains combined with the traditional bottle re-fermentation, riddling, and disgorgement processes produces a beer with and immense fruity aroma, subtle spiciness, a crisp zesty carbonation and a dry refreshing finish.
11% ABV


Beer #2 – Illumination Farmhouse IPA:
Illumination is a beer inspired by two of my favorite brewing traditions: the rustic farmhouse ales of Belgium and the generously hopped IPA’s of America’s West Coast. Born from a grist of barley, wheat and rye, and fermented with a blend of infamously expressive farmhouse ale yeasts, Illumination begins its life as a classic Saison, only to be transformed into something unique through robust additions of American dry hops. The result is a beer with an intensely tropical aroma, a juicy, citrus flavor, and a dry, crisp bitterness. While this beer may not provide immediate illumination to the mysteries of life, it’s sure to at least brighten the corners.
6.8% ABV


Beer #3 – Cosmos Stout:
To quote the great Carl Sagan, “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” Personally, I find that winter stargazing is a great way to aid the Cosmos in this self-discovery. To this end, I brewed Cosmos, the beer, in the style of a robust Foreign Export Stout to have as a companion on those cold, clear nights of celestial exploration. With its big, warm body, rich chocolate and caramel flavors, and delicate oatmeal smoothness, Cosmos stands up to the coldest of New England nights. So whether you’re exploring your inner and outer universe high in the White Mountains or marveling at the night sky through your backyard telescope, Cosmos Stout will help keep your body (to say nothing of your mind) rooted here on Earth.
7.5% ABV

Enlightenment Rite of Spring

Beer #4 – Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinskis’ Le Sacre du Printemps celebrates both the rebirth and bounty of spring as well as exploring the savagery of human superstition and ritual. With this masterpiece in mind I brewed a Rustic Saison using wild yeast and local honey. Like its musical and vernal inspiration, Rite of Spring is characterized by both delicacy and dissonance. The aromas of spring flowers and fresh oranges that leap forth from the glass are cast against immense earthiness and rustic funk from the wild yeast. Notes of soft fruits, toasty malt, and subtle honey sweetness dance gently around a pronounced bitterness, and ultimately fade into a bone dry finish. As the gloom of winter yields to rebirth and revelry, throw some Stravinsky on your turntable, crack open a bottle with your friends, and join us in celebrating The Rite of Spring! Oh, and please, no rioting.
6.8% ABV


Beer #5 – Day Trip

In the words of Doctor Thompson, “Every now and then, when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in,” you need to grab your sunglasses and take a day trip. Whether an ambitious trek through the urban jungle of your home city or a quiet walk in the New England woods, day trips offer a temporary truce with daily stresses. Day Trip: Extra Hoppy Golden Ale, is brewed in celebration of those brief but wondrous escapes. Inspired by a favorite Brussels beer, I brewed Day Trip to have an inviting fruity nose, spicy hop flavor, and a dry bitter finish: the perfect liquid companion for a day of bold wandering. So if you feel that itch to escape the rat race, if only for a day, throw some of this hoppy golden delight in a cooler and lace up your boots. The world is waiting.
4.7% ABV

 On the Drawing Board:

Mortality: Belgian Dark Strong Ale with black currants and blackberries aged in port barrels.