Stop The Presses!

So, in regards to my early pledges to update the website more often, I have clearly reneged. My other brewery related New Year’s Resolution, to be comfortable with the metric system, is going equally well.

On the bright side we have had a veritable onslaught of positive press during the Holiday and just post Holiday season. I suppose this is pretty good news!

Thanks so much to The Improper Bostonian, The Boston Phoenix, Boston Globe, and Howl in Lowell!

The bad news, however, is that all of this positive press has quite literally sold us out of beer. I don’t even have any private stock to drink in my apartment. These are truly dark times.
 That sad, I have a batch of Cosmos and Illumination ready for bottling this weekend as well as more Cosmos, Enlightenment, and Rite of Spring in the primary fermenter. There’s also a batch of Enlightenment Brut just about ready to come off of the riddling racks. Salvation is near!

Anyways, thanks so much to everyone for sticking with us despite my inability to keep an inventory. One of these days I’ll get this whole business thing figured out. For now though, here’s a nice photograph of a glass of Rite of Spring: Honey Saison. Oh, and one of Enlightenment batch #5, because I never get tired of photos of beer.