A Long Expected Update

So, as usual, it’s been half as long as the age of the Earth since I’ve updated the website. Someday they will build monuments to my laziness.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of everything that’s been going on…

First off, Cosmos: Export Stout has been released! Batch #1 is now on shelves with batch #2 maturing in the brewery. Batch #3 should be brewing next week. I suggest enjoying a bottle with good friends and the winter night sky. Happy solstice!


Check out that label! Props to Liz Jacobs and Jeff Jacobs!

Oh, and here’s a family photo:


In other non-Cosmos related news, test batching has begun on one of my favorite beer styles: Barleywine! So far I’ve brewed 45 gallons for a test batch.  Once I get this bottled and consumed this winter (taking extensive notes the whole time I’m sure) I plan on brewing 180 gallons to be aged during the summer for a 2013 winter release.  Lord Mantis is coming.


In case you’re somehow not quite bored yet with all of my updates, you’ll be excited to learn that I’ve also begun brewing the first batches of my early spring beer, “Rite of Spring.” This Honey Saison is brewed with 15% Massachusetts wildflower honey, dry-hopped with generous quantities of Palisades and Hallertau Mittelfruh, and bottle conditioned with wild rustic yeast.

Alright, I’ve reached my mental limit. More updates to follow VERY soon.  First, however, sleep.