Winter Is Coming…

…And so is Cosmos!

In celebration of the cold, clear, winter nights soon to arrive, I’ll be brewing “Cosmos: Export Stout” this Monday morning. A big, warm, oatmeal stout brewed to ‘export’ strength, Cosmos is a beer I plan of drinking while stargazing in the White Mountains.  Or, you know, on any cold night I guess.
 Hopefully we should have this, o third beer, out by mid-December.

Here’s a sneak peak of the painting of Cosmos I picked up today from my close friend and artist Liz Jacobs:



I know!  WOW.  In case you’re unaware, Liz and her brother Jeff are responsible for everything you see when you buy a bottle of Enlightenment Ales. Liz is a local artist working with a variety of media. For each Enlightenment label, I commission Liz to paint an original painting inspired by the concept behind the beer. Once each painting is finished, Jeff incorporates the work into a label and makes everything beautiful.  Not only are they immensely talented, they’re both just awesome people.

Check out Liz’s other work:

In other news, Illumination: Farmhouse IPA is selling out! Batch #3 is now on shelves.  Batch #4 was brewed last Thursday and is now just about ready for its first dry-hopping.  You can even find it on tap occasionally at Deep Ellum in Allston, The Independent in Somerville, and the Cambridge Common in Cambridge.  Lord Hobo in Cambridge should have some soon as well.