Q: “Is this true?”

A: Yes, it’s true: this man has no discipline in updating his brewing blog. 

So, here’s a quick wrap up of everything that’s happened at Enlightenment Ales since May:

-I brewed four batches of Enlightenment Brut and two batches of Mortality, a Belgian-style dark strong ale with black currants.

-Enlightenment Brut was officially released at Deep Ellum in Allston, MA on July 12th!  Woo-hoo!

-Enlightenment Brut is now for sale all around Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. See our beer-finder for locations.

-We’ve had tastings at Pemberton Farms, Ball Square Fine Wines, and Julio’s Liquors. 

-We poured our beers at the Drink Craft Beer Summerfest.

-I’ve come close to full physical and mental collapse after spending every waking moment of my life making Enlightenment Ales continue to function for the past six months.

-I have planned a three day vacation.


Now that you’re caught up with what we’ve been doing here’s what’s coming up:

-I will be brewing a 3 bbl batch of “Illumination”.  After playing with the recipe quite a bit Illumination has become what I’m referring to as a Farmhouse IPA.  Built around the body, malt bill, and yeast profile of a rustic Belgian-style Saison and hopped like an American IPA, this fruity, spicy, and tropical tasting ale will be out just in time to celebrate the end of summer and the bounty of the fall harvest. Bottle conditioned and double dry-hopped with Motueka, Cascade, and Styrian Goldings this odd take on a Belgian-IPA should satisfy even the hop-head lobby. Move over Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Ales, Illumination is coming!

-As you may know our fermenters here at Enlightenment Ales are designed to allow the Belgian-style beers we produce ferment by ‘free-rising’ to very high temperatures.  However, with the prospect of winter approaching I’m working on finalizing and scaling up the recipe of a homebrew favorite of mine.  “Cosmos” a 7.0-7.5% Export Stout with generous amounts of oatmeal will be brewed as soon as this oppressive heatwave ends. My glycol chilling system is not quite up to the task of battling the hottest summer months in recorded American history. So, look for “Cosmos” and its yet-to-be-named imperial barrel-aged big brother on shelves this winter!


Lastly we have some very exciting tastings coming up!  If you’re in the area please feel free to join me to drink beer and talk about brewing!

Here’s the current schedule:

8/17 Downtown Wine & Spirits, Somerville, MA, 5:00 pm

8/24 Colonial Spirits, Acton, MA, 5:00 pm

9/1 Charles Street Liquors, Boston, MA, 5:00 pm