Tacos and Barrels, Strange Bedfellows Indeed…

Despite the fact that nothing has been brewed in the last 2+ weeks here at Enlightenment Ales it’s been pretty damn exciting!

For starters, Todd Alstrom (of Beer Advocate fame) has invited me to participate in Todd’s Taco Takeover at Green Street Tavern. This will be, for all intents and purposes, a super secret sneak preview of Enlightenment Ales.

The event is on May 30th at 5 pm.

$3.99 gets you a taco by Chef Greg Reeves and a glass of Enlightenment Brut. I’ll be there to drink beer, eat tacos, and ramble on ad nauseum about riddling, disgorgement, and dealing with red tape…  So come say HI!  The fun thing about this event is that it will be super limited in scope.  I’m bringing two cases of bottles.  When they run out, I’m out.

Check out more details about the event here on Beer Advocate:


In other Boston Beer Week news Enlightenment Ales has been invited to take part in a collaborative brew for the ACBF.  Brewmaster Will Meyers, my former boss and continuing mentor (although don’t tell him that), has helped plan and organize a collaborative brew between Cambridge Brewing Company and a few new local MA breweries.  Participating will be Mystic Brewery, Idle Hands Craft Ales, Night Shift Brewing, Cambridge Brewing Co. and Enlightenment Ales. I’ll post more details on the brew once we have it knocked out and in the tank!

For now, make sure to check out these other awesome local breweries:





Oh, and try their beer!

Alright, now for the news that’s most exciting to me:

As of May 3rd Enlightenment Ales has acquired three used port casks from Sam Adams. These 500 liter bad boys will be used to store and age three very special beers.  The first, “Cosmos”, will be a big, warm, smooth Imperial Stout to be released (hopefully!) some time around the beginning of winter.  While I’m still working on the details it looks like the other two will be “Mortality”, a huge Belgian-style dark ale, and an as-yet-unnamed Brewer’s Reserve expression of Enlightenment Brut.  These will hopefully be used to celebrate our one year anniversary next year!