As usual it’s been a while since I’ve updated the website and a LOT has happened in the meantime.  Here’s a brief overview:


I have so far brewed five batches of Enlightenment Brut and one half test batch of Illumination Saison.

The last two batches were brewed in what was, perhaps, the most extreme brewing marathon I’ve ever participated in:

-38 hours of brewing!

-4 full brews!

-490 pounds of grain!

-6 bbls brewed on a 1.5 bbl system

-Dozens of cups of coffee!

-Other measurements as well!

Anyways, as a result of this day and a half of straight brewing I have two batches fermenting away towards final gravity.  Once this is finished I plan on blending the four batches, cold conditioning them for two weeks, and getting them in the bottle.  Enlightenment is on it’s way!

Speaking of bottles, the first test-batch of Enlightenment Brut is finally bottled.  Behold!

The expectant bottles, eagerly awaiting their fate.


Test batch one, in all its glory.

Now they need is to condition and referment in the bottle for two weeks, be placed on the riddling racks and turned 90 degrees every day, cooled down to near freezing temperatures, disgorged, corked, caged, allowed to rest for two weeks, and have labels and foils applied.  That’s all.

Actually, scratch those first few steps, here’s the first test batch on the riddling racks after completing it’s refermentation in the bottle.

360 bottles of Enlightenment Brut on the rack!

So, where did these riddling racks come from you might ask?  How were they constructed?

In perhaps the most impressive display of clueless altruism ever exhibited, a dozen of my close friends converged on the parking lot in from of the brewery to engage in manual labor.  This was the first annual (and hopefully last!) Enlightenment Ales Riddling Rack Barnraising party!

It begins... Jason and Nicole drawing "the grid" on each piece of plywood. This maps out where the holes will be drilled.

Drilling the holes.

Jon Howe, my kin, and a modern incarnation of Rosie the Riveter, hold at work drilling holes.

The foreman surveying the worksite.

The first completed rack and the crew who built it! Thanks SO much to everyone who came out. I owe you all a beer or three.