Press. Press! PRESS!

We’ve got press!

Thanks so very much to Anne Vickman of the Boston Magazine’s Chowder Blog for this wonderful write-up about Enlightenment Ales.  Check it out!


In OTHER news Enlightenment Ales is proud to announce that we will be attending Beer Advocates American Craft Beer Festival at the World Trade Center June 1st and 2nd.

-The GOOD news is we’ll have the opportunity to pour Enlightenment Brut for  thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of craft beer enthusiasts here in the Boston area.

-The BAD news is we’ll be pouring Enlightenment Brut for thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of craft beer enthusiasts here in the Boston area and need to have LOTS of beer to do it!  My back is now against the wall.  We need to have at least twelve cases of Enlightenment Brut ready for June 1st.

Furthermore, in the interest of actually looking like Enlightenment produces more than one beer I need to brew and bottle a second recipe for the fest.  As such this will be the debut of the first test-batch of Illumination, a strong, spicy, hoppy saison that may or may not be conditioned with a touch of Brett. Unlike Enlightenment Brut, our flagship, I have not been brewing and fine tuning this recipe for the last two and a half years.  Stop by our booth and see what happens when Enlightenment Ales shoots from the hip.

Oh, and here’s a few “steamy” photos from brewing the first batch of Enlightenment Brut:

The humble grist in humble buckets. Do not be fooled by the labels on the bags... it's not Canada Two Row!

Knocking out the first batch and pumping it full of O2.

Knockout from the kettle's perspective. Notice the high tech pump mounting device. Spare-no-expense.

Hop-screen gasket that prevents trub and coagulated proteins from the kettle from entering the heat exchanger? Or bizarre chain-mail phallus... You be the judge!