“Renewed shall be the blade that was broken…”

As much as I would love to report that the Enlightenment Ales brew kettle is up and running it looks like we’re still a few days out from firing it up for the first time.

After nearly EIGHT months of discussions with local inspectors, legal negotiations with state officials, several drafts of plans by a Professional Engineer specializing in mechanics and HVAC, extending of the legs, the construction and welding of a stainless steel mounting cage, the purchase of two G3B power burners, and the installation of a 20′ chimney, my kettle is finally hooked up to gas and awaiting permission to be turned on. At this point we’re simply waiting for the electrician to finish wiring the burner controls and for approval from the municipal gas inspector to test fire the kettle. Soon…

My kettle with new feet, burners, and gas piping.

In other news, with the help of my friend and coworker Kyle Shearer, we’ve finished putting the tanks “up on blocks” (which will serve as their temporary stands until I have the funds to have stainless steel ones fabricated), putting together the cooling system for the two bright beer tanks, and constructing a lid for the mash tun complete with a built in spray ball.

My tanks up on blocks. Is there nothing cinder blocks can't do?

Also… The first yeast order from White Labs has been officially placed, 168 cases of champagne bottles have arrived, and the first malt and hop order is on it’s way! It would seem that order is finally beginning to emerge from the chaos…

Oh, and I sent off the Enlightenment Brut labels for TTB approval.  Wish me luck!

TTB Label Application, in duplicate!