“He Not Busy Being Born…”

So, no big deal but, Enlightenment Ales’ federal Brewers Notice has been APPROVED!

Here’s the dramatic new proof:



Now that the federal government has granted us the permission to operate a brewery we’re onto the state application…  As of Wednesday the 25th our Massachusetts Farmer Brewery application has been submitted to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.  Hopefully we should get state approval in 30-60 days.

Lastly on the red-tape front we officially have permits from the city of Lowell to begin gas and plumbing work.  Once the kettle is hooked up, the ventilation is built, the cement is cut, new pipes are laid down, and the four sinks (yes, I am required by code to have FOUR sinks: a hand sink, a lavatory sink, a mop sink, and a three-bay sink)  are installed and hooked up the municipal gas and plumbing inspectors will inspect the work and issue a certificate of occupancy.

In other news meet the new Enlightenment bottle filler:

The dreaded 6-headed bottle filler...

The directions for this Italian bottle filler are nominally in English but I’m not quite sure.  Behold:

“While thanking you for your preference, we wish you profitable work.”

“the machine is suitable for filling of glass bottles with wine, oil, cosmetics, milk, BEAR, and fruit juices.” (Emphasis mine)

“The machine equipped with saturator, that can also be installed in a second time, do not require any particular shrewdness…”


I don’t really know what to make of this.


Anyways, please forgive this rather uninspired post.  I’m utterly exhausted and there’s much to do.