It only took 5 months…

…but we’ve finally got a building permit!

A building permit from the city of Lowell


I apologize for not updating over the last few weeks.  The truth is I thought it would be foolish and/or in poor taste to constantly fill the pages of this website with the details of the bureaucratic nonsense I’ve been engaged in.  The good news is, after writing a strongly worded letter to several of my state representatives and senators and storming the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill we have had intervention on the part of our elected officials that has resulted in the final approval of my kettle by the state board that oversees gas appliances. WOW.  It’s been a strange month for my belief in representative democracy.

Anyways, now that we have a building permit I expect to begin work on the ventilation, hot water, and sinks in the next week or so.  At the same time the TTB is reviewing my federal brewery application and helping me to dot the I’s and cross the T’s necessary for final approval. Hopefully this should be completed soon as well.


Updates to follow…