Stuck Inside of Lowell with the Bureaucracy Blues Again

In order to avoid completely losing any momentum we had previously acquired I feel it necessary to update our loyal readers as to the current Enlightenment Ales status.

Simply put we’re in the middle of a bureaucratic and red tape shit storm, to use the parlance of our time…

As I write this we’re still waiting for permission to begin extending the gas line for hooking up the kettle and to begin construction on the ventilation system.  Once we get the OK from the city the real work can begin!

In other news our federal application to start a brewery has officially been submitted to the TTB, the organization that oversees breweries and their precious precious taxes.  Check out this paperwork!

Dat App!

While this is certainly a major milestone in getting the brewery up and running it now means anywhere from 30-60 days of waiting to hear back and find out if our application has been accepted.

Oh, did I mention we moved the rest of the tanks in?

It looks like a brewery for hobbits.

Don’t worry about those milk-crate tank stands.  We’ll have em up on cinder blocks in no time!


Anyways, more serious update to follow soon…