What’s More Fun Than Watching Paint Dry?

Why, looking at photographs of epoxy drying of course!

In another installment of “Mundane and Tedious Tasks That I’m Far Too Excited For” we’ll be showing you exclusive photographs of the transformation of bare concrete into a functional brewery floor.

Here’s what we started with:

The not-so-virgin canvas...

The first step in the process was to have my landlord, Jim, sweep and power-wash the concrete floors.  He then was nice enough to repair and fill in the minor cracks.

Next, I applied the ever exciting Lowe’s brand OSR (Oil Stain Remover) and scrubbed the hell out of the few oil and grease spots on the ground.

The following day the entire space was thoroughly swept from top to bottom and then soaked and sprayed clean with hot water. This also served to confirm that, yes, the floors of the space ARE properly sloped toward the central drain.  How comforting.

After this it was time for Acid Etching! The space was divided into 10′ X 10′ squares, covered with foaming etching acid, allowed to soak for a few moments and then vigourously scrubbed with a firm floor brush.  Each square was scrubbed twice from perpendicular directions to achieve the maximum etching. Finally, everything was throuroughly sprayed down and allowed to dry overnight.

The following day a thick coat of Epoxy Primer was applied to the floor.  Yum.

After allowing the primer to dry overnight Anne and I began the most exciting phase yet: painting on the first coat of epoxy!


Anne hard at work. I can't imagine what she thinks she's getting out of this...

And more painting…

Despite adequate ventilation I may be high as a kite in this picture.


The completed first coat!

After letting the first coat dry I returned on Sunday, the day of the Sabbath, and applied a second coat, this time rolled on at a 90 degree angle from the previous one.

No caption can possibly make a photograph of a second coat of paint exciting. I concede...


The completed second coat.

And that’s the story of how the Enlightenment Ales brewery floors were constructed.  Stay tuned for further updates in this series including:

“The Possible Application of a Third Coat of Expoxy”

“Sealing and Painting the Edges of the Floor”

And everybody’s favorite, “Painting the Walls”