The Triumphant Return!


We here at Enlightenment Ales apologize for the lack of updates over the last three months.

Rest assured, the responsible parties have been sacked.

Allow us to present a rundown of the progress that has occured since July:


Sadly, despite the open and friendly additude of the people of Ayer, Massachusetts to having a small craft brewery in their town certain issues arose that made this impossible.  However, as one door closes another opens.  We are happy to announce that the Enlightenment Ales brewery will be located on Meadowcroft St. in Lowell, Massachusetts.  After signing a lease last week I officially moved in my first piece of equipment, the source of so many headaches and sleepless nights, my 1.5 bbl brew-kettle!

I intend to take a photograph from this same spot every day until the brewery releases its first batch.  This way we can all watch as a dumpy industrial garage in Lowell is transformed into a craft brewery.

Now that the space is officialy ours I decided to mark our territory:

I now feel Enlightenment Ales has officially broken ground on the brewery.

In the next week I intend to: degrease the floors, clean the floors, acid-etch the floors, prime the floors, and lay down several layers of epoxy on the floors.  The walls need to be repainted and covered with a thin layer of waterproof sealant. Once this is done my plumber can hopefully begin extending the gas lines, hooking up the burners, and building the necessary ventilation shaft. Clearly there is much work to be done…

In news that is sure to assuage the fears of Enlightenment enthusiasts everywhere all of our tanks including the three fermenters, the two bright beer tanks, and the bottling tank have finished being welded.  Once we finish the floors in the brewery we cna get down to the business of cleaning and passivating these stainless steel monsters.  In addition, with the help of my friend Peter August, I’ve begun building the cooling jackets fro the two BBTs.

It turns out that the rachet straps need to stay in place in order to keep the copper coil wrapped snuggly. Please don't tell any of my brewing professors!

The four double wraps of copper coil will be covered with an 180 degree arch of Styrofoam insulation to direct the cooling against the wall of the tank.  These insulated coils, as well as the rest of the tank, will then be wrapped with extensive flexible insulation.  Both tanks will be cooled by CBC’s old mini glycol chiller:

In less mundane news I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to meet with and share champagne beer with Jim Koch and Bob Cannon of Sam Adams! Here’s a picture BEFORE the three of us let loose on the beer and cheese:

The Brewer's Table. In my kitchen... With half painted walls...

And here is the aftermath. Notice the overturned 500 liter fermenter being used as a table in my basement.

Jim really getting his nose in the beer... Bob and I enjoying the beer's "quafability".

Finally, on August 20th, 2011, we had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our earlier labor at the wedding of Shane and Alena Saunders!  Congratulations Shane and Alena!

The parting bottle.

If you're interested in having an individualized batch of Enligthenment served at your wedding and weren't turned off by this shameless plug please give me a call!