As of right now we are a month and a half away from moving into our space in Ayer, MA. To be honest, there is a daily oscillation between childlike giddiness and abject terror as the changes approach. Well, here’s the recent news:

The final prototype for the riddling rack has been built. These will be the pieces of equipment used for holding the bottles during the riddling and extended bottle conditioning process. Now we just need to build ten more.

Boring Holes.

The board progressing.

Josh, getting his riddle on.

The finished rack, filled with 375 ml bottles.

As of July 5th, all of my tanks, fermenters, bright beer tanks and bottling tank have arrived and are in the process of modification. The next step is to finish having them welded, build cooling systems, and have them cleaned and pasivated prior to use.

In yet another episode of “Backbreaking Labor In The Blazing Sun” I finally completed the cleaning and pasivation of my kettle and mash tun. The stainless steel was washed and scrubbed clean with Simple Green, a natural degreasing and cleaning fluid. It is NOT people. The kettle and mash tun were then used as a reservoir and fifteen gallons of Simple Green were recirculated using a pump and a tiny spray ball. This was followed by a half hour cycle of of chlorinated caustic and an hour long cycle of nitric acid. The acid is responsible for the pasivation. This forms a film-like layer on the outside of the stainless steel of chromium oxide. After this process the equipment should be prepared for brewing. My apologies to my dad is any part of your lawn is… less than healthy.