Two New Tanks Arrive! The Great Enlightenment (Home)Brew Day! We’re Big In Japan!

So here’s the Enlightenment Week In Review:

The last two 300 liter stainless steel tanks have arrived. One will be fitted with a makeshift cooling jacket and turned into a bright beer tank. After primary fermentation the beer will be moved to this tank and crash cooled. Here the yeast will begin to drop out, the flavors mellow, and the beer brighten up. The second tank will be our bottling tank. When we bottle, the beer will be racked into the tank and priming sugar, bentonite, and additional champagne yeast added. This will serve as the holding tank as the beer runs into our multi-headed filler and into the champagne bottles.

Behold! The feats of strength!

In other news, Saturday we undertook the most foolish, hair-brained, poorly thought out brewday I’ve ever been a part of, or, in this case, personally planned… In order to produce 150+ bottles for my high school friend’s wedding, we borrowed fellow brewer Jay Sullivan’s 5-gallon homebrew system and, in conjunction with mine, brewed 20 gallons of Enlightenment Brut.

My friend Shane standing next to our double homebrew system monstrosity. Also, the poster in the background seems to illustrate the metaphor of our having a gun at our backs... what a bizarre coincidence...

As any homebrewer can tell you, a long brewday is always more fun with friends. Here's our Enlightenment (home)brewday party!

Of course, this is less than half of what we’ll produce in a single brew on our 1.5 bbl system and less than a quarter of what we’ll produce on a single brewday at Enlightenment Ales. Wow…

Finally, when my highschool friend Dana Berte came to visit a few weeks ago we had a bottle trade: she gave me a bottle of the sake she brewed at work (she’s a sake brewer in Japan!) and I gave her a bottle of Enlightenment. Dana was kind enough to send me some pictures of her coworkers enjoying Enlightenment Brut. It turns out Enlightenment is big in Japan! Who would have thought?

Dana's coworkers admiring Liz Jacob's artwork.

Alright, well the glassware may not be optimal but I guess we can give them a pass this time. Plus, the awesome outfits more than make up for it!

First greater Boston. Now Japan. Tomorrow… The World!