Fear and Loathing in my Somerville Kitchen… Batch #12 Disgorged, Corked, Caged, and in the Bag… Batch #13 Fined and Cold Conditioning… Blueprints Run Amok and The Million-Pound Ball of Red Tape… Stainless Steel tanks on the Horizon…

Alright, it’s been a frighteningly busy month or so…

Here’s a quick rundown of everything pertinent that has happened in the last month and a half:

-Batch #12 of Enlightenment, the ‘as-close-to-the-final-recipe-prototype-as-we’re-going-to-get’ has been successfully disgorged, corked and caged yielding 24 bottles of bubbly bliss! Here they are, the bottles looming over me like a menacing liquid wall:

Batch #12 of Enlightenment. From this angle it looks quite menacing!

-Batch #13 of Enlightenment, the first to use yeast from my new supplier, the Brewing Science Institute, has finished primary fermentation, been racked to secondary, fined with gelatin, and crashed down to 32 to cold condition. We’ll have it bottled in a few days.

-My contact in Ayer Massachusetts, the location of the brewery itself, has been kind enough to provide me with a list of all of the municipal approvals, necessary signatures, and assorted hoops to jump through to satisfy the town. We have now begun the process of pouring over blueprints and electrical diagrams of the space before meeting with the building inspector.

-In more exciting news, I have begun the process of pre-selling Enlightenment Brut to a few local restaurants and liquor stores. After putting on a tie, washing up a pair of champagne flutes, and opening a bottle of Enlightenment with some very open minded restaurateurs I am pleased to report that we are four for four in pre-sales! Prepare to see Enlightenment beers at some of the best fine dining restaurants and beer bars in the Boston area!

-Our second tank, the first 500 liter fermenter has been successfully welded with tri-clover fittings and a thermal well. We also received our nano-brewery pump, our nano-brewery sized heat exchanger and are expecting two more 300 liter stainless steel tanks to arrive in the next week!

Oh and, no big deal, but Enlightenment Ales is now officially an incorporated business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Woot!