The wheels of progress continue to turn…

Alright… As of Tuesday night we have officially filed our articles of incorporation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Now I guess we just wait for Billy Galvin (the Secretary of the Commonwealth) to stop by for a beer and drop off the final paperwork. That’s how it works, right? I’m only days (maybe weeks) away from officially becoming a corporate stooge.

In other news the new burner for the kettle has finally arrived and we have mock-up labels for the bottles! Check out that badass burner:

We’re currently working with a few graphic designers/friends to figure out the best label design. Here’s the one Liz’s brother Jeff Jacobs is working on. Obviously it’s still lacking text:

Also, here’s a shot of a prototype bottle I’m using for tastings/pre-selling with restaurateurs and package store owners. I just printed these off at Staples and paper cemented it to the bottle. Hopefully they’ll look a bit better when the label maker prints them:

Alright, back to work…