The first official update!

So after months of relative inaction of the website/blog/publicity front I’ve finally put my beer down long enough to throw up some information about the fledgling brewery!

First, what is Enlightenment Ales and why should you care?

Well… Enlightenment Ales is a nano-sized artisan brewery dedicated to making exceptionally high quality ales using the mèthode champenoise.

Once we actually begin production, Enlightenment Brut will be the only “Bière de Champagne” produced in the United States.

So I guess that only answers part of the question. As to the second part, why should you care… Well, we’re a local, absurdly small brewery built on punk-rock DIY rugged-individualism blah blah blah… Seriously though, the beer we produce is brewed in small batches by hand, bottled by hand, riddled daily on our riddling rack by hand, disgorged by hand, corked and caged by hand, and finally delivered to your favorite restaurant or local package store by hand.

We’re a brewery interested not only in making the best possible craft beer we can dream up but also encouraging Enlightenment-era values through our message, art, and our business practices.

Anyways, I hope you’ll check out our beers once they hit the shelves. Look for Enlightenment Brut on shelves in Spring 2012!